Case Packing

Products are grouped and packed according to a predetermined pattern, using a robotic or a Cartesian system. Particular attention is paid to the production speed and the specifications of the product packages. Case erection and sealing is executed automatically and reliably. Careful design of the system ensures that production rates are followed and that product changeover is simple. A typical system includes a case packing module, a case erector, a case sealing machine, as well as a product and case handling system.

Case packing solutions we have implemented in various factories:

Robotic in-feed of sliced bread to an overwrapping machine at Chipita SA
Automated case packing system for colour spray containers at Cosmos Lac SA
Robotic systems for loading/unloading trolleys with serum containers at DEMO SA
Robotic system for case packing serum containers at DEMO SA
Robotic case packing system at Kraft Foods Hellas SA
End-of-line system at Syngenta SA
Integrated End-of-Line system for the packaging of liquid detergents at Eurochartiki SA
Case packing & palletizing System 4 in 1 with Cobot at APIVITA
Automatic case packing system of plastic feta containers at DODONI SA
Full automation of packaging lines at Syngenta Hellas and its benefits