Robotic in-feed of sliced bread to an overwrapping machine at Chipita SA

We have designed and installed an automated system for the conveyance of sliced bread from the slicing machine initially to two overwrapping machines, and then to a machine that inserts the bread in a plastic bag. The system includes a SCARA robotic arm by Adept, which takes the sliced bread from the slicing machine and feeds it in the overwrapping machines. Then, a pneumatically controlled ΧΖ mechanism (designed by ZENON) feeds the wrapped bread, one-by-one or in pairs, to a machine that inserts them in a plastic bag. The system is very fast (60 loafs/minute) and reliable. It is also an excellent application sample of a robotic arm serving pre-existing, semi-automatic machines in a factory. The system was taken out of production, when Chipita discontinued the production of sliced bread.

Watch the video:

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