Zenon Automation SAICT, a Theodorou Group member, with great know-how in the design and implementation of robotics and automation solutions for the end-of-line, delivered a "turnkey" case packing solution of plastic feta containers to DODONI SA, which offers full automation, high productivity, security and optimal utilization of available space.

The Company

DODONI SA was founded in Ioannina Greece in 1963 as a small unit for pasteurization of fresh milk, which served exclusively the needs of the inhabitants of the city of Ioannina city, collecting cow's milk from small farms in the area. Today, half a century later, DODONI is one of the leading cheese companies in Greece and the market leader in feta PDO sales. It has modern factory units in Ioannina, Cyprus and Thebes and staff exceeding 450 people. With a dominant ingredient of 100% Greek milk and the purest raw materials, DODONI creates authentic dairy products, such as the famous feta, yogurt, yellow cheeses and many more that stand out for their rich taste.

The Need

DODONI SA was looking for a solution for the automation of the case packing processes of plastic feta containers that would ensure increased productivity and optimal utilization of the existing space. The application required the automatic configuration of cartons, the introduction and grouping of plastic feta containers based on a predetermined pattern, their automatic boxing in the shaped carton and finally the sealing of the complete carton.

The Solution

ZENON, designed and offered a complete and fully automated solution that met the needs of the company and includes:

  • Carton forming
  • Entering of plastic feta containers in the case packing system
  • Grouping and pattern Forming in one, two or three lines
  • Case packing of groups of plastic containers in shaped carton
  • Advancing the carton to the sealing position
  • Closing the carton
  • Sealing the carton with packing tape

The implementation and installation of the system was done very fast, while there is a special provision for expansion and reprogramming to meet future needs. At the same time, it is possible to store different boxing programs to manage different boxing products, a complete touch screen controller as well as the possibility of remote support. Finally, the solution is accompanied by a complete security system, which guarantees user safety and CE certification.

The Benefits

  • High productivity
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reliability and minimal maintenance needs thanks to the tested design and the excellent quality of construction
  • Durability in the very demanding working environment thanks to the stainless steel implementation of the system
  • Flexibility and scalability (possibility of future upgrades & modifications for new lines, new packaging, etc.)
  • Fast product changeover thanks to the ease of settings and the short time required
  • Connectivity with the company's IT systems
  • Optimal use of resources (space, human resources, existing equipment)
  • Minimal handling requirements and error minimization

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About Zenon Automation SAICT

Zenon Automation SAICT specializes since 1987 in the design, construction and support of robotic systems and integrated automation solutions for the final stage of the production process (end-of-line) and the supply chain. Our range of solutions includes case packing, palletizing, automatic warehouse, product handling, sorting, digital transformation solutions etc. Our solutions combine the meticulous design and use of modern robotics technology, the excellent quality of construction and the correct installation and "turnkey" delivery.

Zenon Automation SAICT cooperates with leading companies abroad, such as Fanuc Robotics, Robopac, Interroll, SSI Schaefer, Intralox, etc. and has successfully completed more than 200 robotic installations and 80 new Industry 4.0 automation installations in Europe and the Middle East.

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