Each pallet is automatically loaded using a robotic or Cartesian system, according to the company’s specifications regarding domestic or international clients. Modern robotic methods and technologies used are capable of covering simultaneously up to 5 production lines for different types of packaging, providing highly accurate pallet loading and reduced maintenance requirements. Safety during conveyance and storage is achieved by automatic stretch wrapping of the pallets, whereas automatic label printing and application ensures traceability.

Robotic palletizing solutions we have implemented in various factories:

Robotic palletizing at Aspis Dedes SA
Automated secondary and tertiary packaging solution at Astir Vitogiannis Bros SA
Robotic in-feed of sliced bread to an overwrapping machine at Chipita SA
Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing colour spray at Cosmos Lac SA
Robotic palletizing for carton cases, paper rolls and paper bundles at Delica SA
Robotic palletizing and stretch wrapping system at Vivartia SA
Robotic palletizing and stretch wrapping system at Chrotex SA
Robotic repackaging line of multipacks at Athenian Brewery SA
End-of-line system at Syngenta SA
Robotic palletizing system of cans at Kyknos SA
Robotic palletizing system at Frieslandcampina Hellas SA
Fully automated case handling and palletizing system at Nestle Hellas SA
Integrated End-of-Line system for the packaging of liquid detergents at Eurochartiki SA
Case packing & palletizing System 4 in 1 with Cobot at APIVITA
Digital transformation solution of production processes at Cavino SA
Full automation of packaging lines at Syngenta Hellas and its benefits