Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing colour spray at Cosmos Lac SA

The robotic system we designed for Cosmos Lac, automated the palletizing procedure of carton cases with colour spray containers. A Fanuc robotic arm takes the carton cases and places them, according to a predetermined pattern, on a pallet rested on a palletizing roller conveyor. During palletizing, each time two layers are completed, the robotic arm takes a carton sheet from a stack and places it on the pallet using the same gripper. When the pallet is full, the palletizing roller conveyor is activated to convey the pallet from the pallet loading station to the waiting station, to be removed by a pallet fork. When the pallet loading station is free, the robotic arm, using the same gripper, takes a new pallet from the stack and places it on the station to continue with the procedure.

Click on the photographs for a larger view:

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