The Greek food industry invests in the end of line automation

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In an effort to improve competitiveness, the Greek food industry incorporates new methods and technologies which contribute (a) to the reduction of production costs, and (b) to the improvement of product safety and quality. Investment in these two sectors creates the conditions to reverse the economic crisis by reinforcing the position of enterprises in the local and international markets.

This article was published in the Greek magazine TROFIMA & POTA, September 2011.

The food and drink industry invests in robots

According to the British Automation and Robot Association (BARA), during the second quarter of 2010, British companies in the Food & Drink sector have spent more money on investments in production automation equipment than companies in the Automotive sector.

The Food & Drink sector, thanks to important investments in packaging, handling and palletizing equipment, accounts for 17% of robotic equipment purchases, right behind the Pharmaceuticals sector (19%).

The robotics business unit of Zenon SA has now been acquired by the Theodorou Group

The Robotics and Industrial Automation unit of Zenon SA has now been acquired by the Theodorou Group of companies and has been incorporated to the group as Zenon Automation SAICT. The Robotics unit of Zenon, specializing since 1987 on the design and installation of industrial handling, packaging and warehousing systems, continues this way its successful course in the industry.