Projects we have completed for COSMOS LAC:

1. Automated case packing system for colour spray containers

The solution we implemented at Cosmos Lac covered the need for automated and faster case packing of spray containers. The system includes a carton case erector, a case packer and a case sealer. The completed carton cases are lead to a robotic palletizing system. Case packing of the colour containers is carried out by a machine especially designed by Zenon. This machine is a Cartesian, servo-controlled mechanism. It initially groups the products according to a predetermined pattern, and then places them, with the help of a pneumatically activated gripper, inside the empty carton case. Particular attention has been paid to speed, safety (flammable product), and ease of changeover regarding containers and carton cases.

Watch this video to find out more about the automated case packing system for spray containers we have designed and installed at Cosmos Lac S.A.:

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2. Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing colour spray

The robotic system we designed for Cosmos Lac, automated the palletizing procedure of carton cases with colour spray containers.

A Fanuc robotic arm takes the carton cases and places them, according to a predetermined pattern, on a pallet rested on a palletizing roller conveyor.

During palletizing, each time two layers are completed, the robotic arm takes a carton sheet from a stack and places it on the pallet using the same gripper. When the pallet is full, the palletizing roller conveyor is activated to convey the pallet from the pallet loading station to the waiting station, to be removed by a pallet fork. When the pallet loading station is free, the robotic arm, using the same gripper, takes a new pallet from the stack and places it on the station to continue with the procedure.

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