Each pallet is automatically loaded using a robotic or Cartesian system, according to the company’s specifications regarding domestic or international clients.

Modern robotic methods and technologies used are capable of covering simultaneously up to 5 production lines for different types of packaging, providing highly accurate pallet loading and reduced maintenance requirements.

Safety during conveyance and storage is achieved by automatic stretch wrapping of the pallets, whereas automatic label printing and application ensures traceability.

Packaging / objects that can be palletized:


Click on the following links to view videos and photographs of palletizing solutions we have created and installed in various factories:

Palletizing Solutions

  • Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing milk
  • Robotic palletizing for yoghurt paper trays
  • Remodelling and extension of a layer palletizer for yoghurt
  • Robotic palletizing for paper trays with yoghurt containers of 200gr, 1kgr, 5kgr, 10kgr
  • Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing juice
  • Robotic palletizing for PET bottle packs
  • Robotic palletizing for plastic cases with TETRAPAK containers
  • Robotic palletizing for carton cases
  • Robotic palletizing system for carton cases
  • Robotic palletizing for cases with serum containers
  • Robotic Cartesian palletizing system for wood panels
  • Robotic depalletizing system for parquet flooring


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