Projects we have completed for ASPIS DEDES S.A.:

1. Robotic palletizing for carton cases containing juice

With the system we designed and installed at ASPIS Dedes S.A., the company fully automated the palletizing process of the factory in Argos, thus significantly reducing production costs.

Through roller conveyors, the system receives carton cases with juice from the out-feed of two packaging machines and conveys them to the robotic system. The cases are then grouped appropriately. An especially designed gripper of the FANUC robotic arm, facilitates the correct layering of the carton cases on pallets, according to a predetermined pattern, at two loading stations located on the palletizing roller conveyors. As the system takes the empty pallets from stacks of 12, the operator is only required to insert stacks of empty pallets and remove the full pallets.

Watch this video to find out more about the robotic palletizing system we have completed for ASPIS S.A.:

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