Projects we have completed for VIVARTIA S.A.

1. Robotic palletizing system and stretch wrapping system for TETRAPAK carton cases

With the robotic system we designed for the dairy branch of Vivartia S.A., the company covered the need for automated palletizing of Tetrapak cases.

The system receives Tetrapak carton cases from a conveyor line, sorts them to two separate conveyor lines according to height, groups and palletizes them, using a FANUC robotic arm, according to a predetermined pattern at specific pallet loading stations. As the system takes empty pallets from ready stacks, the operator is only required to in-feed stacks of empty pallets and remove the full pallets once the palletizing is completed.

Watch this video to find out more about the robotic palletizing system we have completed for Vivartia S.A.:

Click on the photographs for a larger view: