Projects we have completed for CHROTEX S.A.

1. 1. Robotic palletizing and stretch wrapping system

With the robotic system we designed and installed, CHROTEX S.A. automated the palletizing process for the emulsion paint line.

Using roller conveyors, the system receives paint buckets and carton cases from conveyor lines, and then groups and palletizes them with a FANUC robotic arm, according to a predetermined pattern, on two separate pallet loading stations. It receives empty pallets of two different sizes from ready stacks, while the operator only needs to insert stacks of empty pallets and cartons, and remove the full pallets. When palletizing is completed, all pallets are accumulated at a common exit and are automatically stretch wrapped.

For ergonomics and optimum use of available space, the two pallet loading stations are positioned vertically to the common out-feed line. The system includes two roller conveyors which turn the full pallet by 90 degrees, in order to place it automatically on the common conveyor line leading to the stretch wrapping machine.

The robotic cell is surrounded by a metallic safety fence (with electrostatic coating) to prevent personnel from entering the work envelope of the robotic arm.

A special feature of this system is the ability to handle 15l paint buckets, as well as carton cases with small paint containers, thanks to an especially designed gripper. This ability provides great flexibility regarding production planning, since the production of each line served by the robot is independent from the production of the other line.

Moreover, the paint buckets are safely joined on 4 levels using advanced features of the robotic arm (collision detection), thus ensuring that accidents and interruptions of production are avoided.

Watch the video to find out more about the robotic system we have designed and installed at CHROTEX S.A. for the automated palletizing of paint buckets and carton cases:

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