Projects we have completed for ASTIR VITOGIANNIS BROS S.A.

The integrated solution we designed for ASTIR Vitogiannis Bros S.A. automated the secondary and tertiary packaging procedures, through the following steps:

1. Carton case erection, packaging, conveyance, sorting and sealing line

  1. Reception of empty carton cases from the carton case erector
  2. Insertion of bags in the carton cases
  3. Carton case conveyance to the out-feed points of the filling machines
  4. Placement of the carton cases at the filling position
  5. Removal of full carton cases through an automation and control system
  6. Labelling of each carton case according to the filling machine, using an automated print and apply system
  7. Bag closure and folding inside the carton case
  8. Full carton case sealing with self-adhesive tape
  9. Full carton case conveyance to a palletizing system
  10. Carton case sorting for palletizing according to product

In order to avoid the carton case conveyance obstructing access to the crown cork production machines, we used lifts equipped with all automations and sensors necessary for fast, safe and accurate conveyance.

2. Robotic palletizing for cases, using packaging materials and stretch wrapping

  1. Palletizing of carton cases on different pallets according to the production machine, using a FANUC robotic arm
  2. Full pallet stretch wrapping by an automatic stretch wrapper, and pallet out-feed for warehousing

Watch this video to find out more about the integrated robotic palletizing and carton case conveyance solution we have completed for ASTIR VITOGIANNIS BROS S.A.:

Click on the photographs for a larger view: