Projects we have completed for TASTY FOODS S.A.

1. Automated handling and sorting for carton cases

The Need

What TASTY FOODS required was an automated handling and sorting process for carton cases to be palletized, aiming at reduced costs and increased production and warehousing flexibility.

The Solution

ZENON AUTOMATION designed and installed an integrated solution, which completes the process in four (4) steps:

Step 1: Carton Case Labelling & Handling
Operators close the carton cases and apply barcode labels on two sides of the case. Then, they place the carton cases on the main conveyor line, leading from the production to the palletizing area, achieving a speed of more than 20 cases per minute. The main automation control system ensures a smooth flow of the carton cases.

Step 2: Case Barcode Reading
Two fixed-position barcode scanners, connected to the main control system through a network, read the barcode label applied on the carton case while it is moving and automatically match it to a product code.

Step 3: Carton Case Sorting
After the product code is identified, the product is matched to one out of twenty (20) out-feed lines and the carton case sorting is completed with the help of a brake & pusher system.

Step 4Case Grouping & Palletizing
The cases that were sorted to the twenty (20) out-feed lines are appropriately grouped, so that the robotic arm can take them with an especially designed gripper and palletize them.

The Benefits

The benefits for TASTY FOODS arising from the automated handling and sorting of cases are:

  • Reduced operational costs and increased productivity
  • Minimum human errors
  • Production control and monitoring through statistics on produced codes, rejected items, etc.
  • Creation of the necessary infrastructure for automated palletizing systems

Watch this video to find out more about the automated case handling and sorting system we have designed and installed at Tasty Foods:

Click on the photographs for a larger view:

2. System extension with a product handling unit and lifts

The extension of the system we have installed at Tasty Foods contributed to the full automation of the case handling process of the factory. The system receives carton cases from two production lines on a conveyor line. The cases are then raised by a lift at 3,5m and conveyed parallel to the wall. The last part of the line is inclined, so the cases are brought back to 1m from the ground, and the conveyor line is merged to the existing line.

Click on the photographs for a larger view: