Integrated Packaging and Warehousing Solutions

We provide integrated solutions which cover all packaging and warehousing stages:

From primary packaging to the storage of products ready for shipment.


We deal with every packaging process separately. Our integrated solutions include:

  • product handling
  • labelling and coding of single and group packages
  • weighing and checkweighing
  • product inspection
  • case erection
  • case packing
  • flap closure and case sealing
  • palletizing and depalletizing
  • pallet stretch wrapping / strapping
  • pallet weighing
  • pallet labelling with an SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) label
  • automated warehousing
  • product sorting
  • production management
  • connection to automation and control systems (PLC, SCADA, etc.) and to central information systems (ERP, WMS, tracing system, etc.)

Click on the following links to view videos and photographs from integrated packaging solutions we have designed and installed in various factories:

Integrated Packaging Solutions

  • Automatic systems for the placement of yoghurt containers on paper trays
  • Robotic palletizing of paper trays with yoghurt containers of 200gr, 1kgr, 5kgr, 10kgr

Do you wish to automate your packaging and storage processes?

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