Automated Warehousing

Pallets are received at the end of the production line and placed automatically on static or dynamic racks (gravity flow storage) in the warehouse, using wagons, cranes or LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles).

Connection to warehouse management systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) allows for:
(a) identification of the position and the content of each pallet, and
automatic export of the pallet when requested, either as a batch or an order.

This is how we achieve a smooth operation of the warehouse (FIFO or LIFO), speed up warehousing and order execution rates, improve stock visibility, reduce errors and make optimum use of the storage area.

Click on the following links to view videos and photographs of automated warehousing solutions we have created and installed in various factories:

Automated Warehousing Solutions

  • Automated warehousing system for a ripening room
  • Automated warehousing system for milk

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