Personnel safety is one of our main priorities in every automation project in the production and packaging areas.

During the realization of every project, we design and install a complete mechanical – in the form of a heavy duty fence – and electrical safety and emergency stop system, using materials approved for safety systems.

In applications involving robotic systems (e.g. palletizing, case packing), the personnel entry doors are equipped with safety interlocks, whereas at the case or pallet input - output openings we install safety light curtains for body detection, in order to prevent the personnel from entering the work envelope of the robotic arm. The safety and emergency stop system can fully immobilize the robotic arm using electric hardware, and it includes double circuits and self-check procedures for immediate identification of errors (e.g. relay contacts malfunction).

The above measures are mandatory for personnel and equipment safety, as well as for compliance with the applicable safety regulations (CE - Machine Directive).